HCS GmbH, based in Frickenhausen in the heart of Baden-Württemberg, have seen themselves since 1997 as continuously innovative and reliable partner for all fields of automation technology in all kinds of application areas. Our focus lies on the development and manufacture of electronics for use in fluid-technological systems as well as "embedded control".

Our extraordinarily close contact to customers combined with shortest possible implementation times provide for a maximum level of customer satisfaction and a steadily growing customer base. Utmost reliability of our products as well as optimum supply quality are our powerful  success factors.

"Our delivery reliability achieves 99 % at the date requested by our customers, even with short-notice orders"!

We are able to accomplish that by depending on a competent and reliable team of employees. Specialists in their fields, but at the same time with a broad horizon - are ready to develop the best possible solution for you and your application. In doing so, we can profit from a wealth of experience of more than 25 years of successful work and are always open to develop innovations together with you.



  • Founded in 1997 by Peter Deuschle, graduate engineer (technical college), as engineering office    
  • 2-year development project control board for high-speed tilting train 
  • Registration as Ltd in 2000 (founding partner and managing director Peter Deuschle)
  • Since 2000 own range of products: launch of DAC series 
  • In 2002 Volker Bremauer, graduate engineer (technical college), joined as partner and managing director
  • In 2002 move into new business premises in Frickenhausen
  • Since 2005: sale of module amplifier series DMA
  • Start of activities in the offshore sector with Norwegian partner (2006)
  • Use of devices with PROFIBUS (2008)
  • Implementation PROFINET interface (2013)
  • Certificatition on-board electronics ATEX/IECEx „OPAT“ with development partner (2014)
  • Implementation of PROFIDRIVE profi in PROFIBUS devices (2015)
  • Start of development of universal on-board electroncis „ODC“ for non-ATEX applications 

Useful Information 

  • 19 distributors and partners in 13 countries  
  • More than 75.000 electronics afield
  • More than 3.000 bus inerfaces installed
  • > 70 % export rate
  • Customers on all 5 continents
  • More than 25 years of experience
  • 10 employees

Philosopy + Targets

  • Customer is our direct focus
  • Flexible and target-oriented action 
  • Fast-response realisation
  • Innovative approaches
  • Competent realisation
  • Quality-oriented execution
  • Price-conscious implementation


History, Milestones and Projects

  • From 2014 until today


    • Begin of development of on-board electronics "ODC" for general applications
    • Testing and certification of  PROFINET interfaces by PNO
    • Follow-up development of amplifier- and control board for tilting train use (THC)
    • Development and production of connection and distribution boxes für sanitary sector
    • More than 50.000 DMA in reliable use all over the world 
    • Revision and redesign of our company website 


    • Certification of on-board electronics with ATEX/IECEx, certification by NEMKO/Presafe  
    • Testing and Certification of PROFIBUS interface by PNO 
    • Functionality of PROFIBUS is enhanced by implementation of PROFIDRIVE
    • PROFINET devices are ready for serial use
    • Start of new sales partnership for Sweden and India
    • Revised adapter für RS232 USB completed
    • Production of various electronics for the sanitary sector is taken up
    • Development and production of filter electronics for use in whirlpools
  • From 2009 to 2013


    • Testing of prototype units with PROFINET interface at the customer
    • LVDT interface for DAC and DMA completed
    • Start of direct activities in the US with sales partner Servi Houston Inc.
    • More than 40.000 DMA in use worldwide


    • HCSTool now also available with oscilloscope function (4-channel) for DMA series  
    • Completion of adapter RS232 ← → USB 
    • Hand-held operating unit EKB revised
    • More than 20.000 DAC in use worldwide 


    • DAC also available with Profibus interface
    • New development of an on-board electronics for proportional valves
    • Successful test of electronics for deep-water applications (up to 3000 m water depth)


    • Start of new sales partnership for Australia
    • Already more than 1.000 units with PROFIBUS interface in use worldwide
    • Successful tests of DAC as pump control in PpQ mode  


    • Market launch of PROFIBUS multiple modules
    • Extension of elevator control with CANbus floor modules
  • From 2004 to 2008


    • PROFIBUS interface for DMA development and series launch
    • Series launch of a control for showers
    • Development and series launch of an OBE for proportional valves
    • Development of special electronics for adhesion tester


    • Successful launch DMA for controlled applications
    • Launch of commissioning device CU/DAC
    • Development of various sensors for oil monitoring
    • Development of various controls for sanitary industry 


    • Start of new sales partnership for Norway
    • First activities concerning off-shore applications
    • First use of DMA in milking robot
    • Alreadys > 2.000 DMA in use worldwide
    • > 10.000 DAC in use all over the world 
    • First successful use of amplifier for adventure cinema
    • Development and launch of serial delivery of customised on-board electronics


    • First units of module amplifier series DMA go in field use 
    • Replacement of DACTool/DMATool by universal and modern Software HCSTool
    • Serial use of DAC in woodworking machines starts 
    • Use of  DAC in Eurotunnel
    • More than 5000 DAC in field use


    • Series launch of DAC use in milking robot
    • Use of DAC in adhesion testers starts 
    • Start of new sales partnerships in Canada, USA and Spain
  • From1999 to 2003


    • Start of tests for the use of DAC in milking robots


    • Delivery of the 1000th amplifier board
    • Introduction of the operating and parameterisation program "DACTool"
    • Start of new sales partnerships in Spain and Sweden


    • Customised DAC versions are used 
    • Brandlabeling of amplifier boards for OEM customers
    • New sales partnership in Great Britain


    • DAC series goes into production. First applications afield
    • First sales partnerships abroad are established (France, Switzerland, Sweden)


    • Start of series trials of electronics for tilting trains
    • Preparations for the development of the first digital amplifier board