Objectives and Advantages

  • extension of operating life
  • increase in production volume
  • improvement of product quality 
  • higher efficiency of the system
  • replacement of assemblies, for which spare parts are no longer available
  • long-time availability of spare parts is guaranteed 
  • modernisation of automation technology
  • lower investment costs
  • time saving by only partial renewal

Our amplifier boards are better suited in many cases, where a replacement of existing units is required. Concerning poorly available or very expensive replacement assemblies from the original manufacturer, you will often have a considerable time and cost advantage when using our products or we can help at short notice by our ability to deliver quickly!

Our products are for universal use and thus always provide the same interface and the same operation, which has inherently been kept very simple and practical.


Examples for Replacement Applications: 

  • DAC-4 boards as replacement for all proportional amplifiers of series  VG40, VR300, VRD340, VRD350 and VRD355 from the companies Hydraulik-Ring or Parker.
    In many cases, a 1 : 1 exchange can be made without any problems, due to pin and function compatibility. Thus an easiest possible update of you machine can be realised.
  • DAC-4 boards as replacement for third-party products (Rexroth, Bosch, Atos, Wandfluh etc.).
    Often only a small adaptation of the wiring is required. For example when old analogue technology is replaced by modern digital technology.
  • DAC-4 boards with option „LVDT-Interface“ (single or double) as special replacement for the use of valves, pumps or motors with LVDT, e. g. for make Bosch/Rexroth. 
    Bring your system and components up-to-date - including a "semi-automatic calibration of the LVDT-signal"!
  • DAC-42-x-XXLT or DMA-22 for specific application used in milking robots made by the DeLaval company
  • DAC-4 and DMA-2 - generally for all applications using outdated analogue amplifier technology for the proportional valves. The conversion to modern digital technology allows e. g. the use of amplifier electronics with bus interface. This enables a considerably easier and safer handling, from parameterisation up to fundamental diagnosis, in the system.


In any case - we will be pleased to give you advice and support in this context, too !